Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization

Our Objectives

Biodiversity Conservation

To promote the conservation of wildlife with an emphasis on the great apes (Gorillas), elephants, and herpetiles (amphibians and reptiles) throughout the entire home range while addressing all ecosystem issues that sustain co-existence of wildlife, humans, and livestock.

Amphibian & Reptile Research and Conservation

To promote the conservation of the amphibians and reptiles and their natural ecosystems and implement positive change in human attitudes towards the amphibian and reptilian diversity in Uganda

Community Health

To promote community/employee health approaches within communities in and around protected areas in Uganda.


Population, Health and Environment (PHE)

To promote population, health, and environmental & WASH concepts towards enhancement of community livelihoods and health with linkages to conservation.

Animal Welfare & Veterinary Care

To promote and safeguard the welfare of wildlife and their conservation including those in captive facilities for the benefit of entire public.


To promote research initiatives at the interface of the ecosystem, animal, and human health that address local conservation challenges and emerging diseases.

About us

Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organisation is a registered grassroots  nonprofit  conservation   Organization  in Uganda. EWCO works to ensure the delicate balance between the environments; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in indigenous communities around  protected areas in Uganda.

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Emergency Wildlife veterinary care

Latest Projects

Some of our completed projects

Thematic Areas / programs

Wildlife Research. Health Monitoring and Conservation

These include ecological studies of specific species, transboundary movements, migration corridors and human-animal conflicts, interactions between species, and climate change. Such studies are not science for the sake of science, but rather help pave the way for better-informed conservation management decisions and thus the sustainability of Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas.

Emergency Wildlife veterinary care

Community Health, Empowerment and Education

Elgon Wildlife  Conservation Organization works in front line indigenous communities bordering protected areas to promote access to health and Family planning(Sexual Reproductive) services,  Education$ Entrepreneurship skills building , Access to Safe Water & sanitation services  and Economic empowerement .

Anti-Poaching Initiatives & Support for Rangers

Hands-on management contributes to the survival of both individual species and their endangered habitats. Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization supports a number of anti-poaching entities and assists in further management initiatives, such as offering logistical support to rangers to rangers in anti-poaching patrols, Training Rangers on using SMART software to monitor illegal activities in the Parks and How to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflicts. We also work with known reformed poachers in Bwindi & Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks  to engage them in meaningful alternative livelihood programs

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Climate change mitigation Initiatives

The occurrence of landslides and floods in East Africa has increased over the past decades with enormous Public Health implications and massive alterations in the lives of those affected. In Uganda, the Elgon region is reported to have the highest occurrence of landslides and floods making this area vulnerable. Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization is working to initiate community projects aimed at mitigating landslide

Amphibian Conservation

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Population Health & Environment / WASH

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