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About Elgon Wild life Conservation

Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organisation is a registered grassroots  nonprofit  conservation   Organization  in Uganda. EWCO works to ensure the delicate balance between the environments; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in indigenous communities around  protected areas in Uganda.


1 .Wildlife Research and Conservation:

These include ecological studies of specific species, transboundary movements, migration corridors and human-animal conflicts, interactions between species, and climate change. Such studies are not science for the sake of science, but rather help pave the way for better informed conservation management decisions and thus the sustainability of Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas.

2. Community Empowerment and Education:

Elgon Wildlife  Conservation Organization works in front line indigenous communities bordering protected areas to promote access to health and Family planning(Sexual Reproductive) services,  Education$ Entrepreneurship skills building , Access to Safe Water & sanitation services  and Economic empowerement .


Our Integrated approach lies in the principle of conservation through community engagement. This is because Biodiversity conservation of animals and plants is only as strong as the people who live in their vicinity. Without the engagement and involvement of such people, conservation is likely to exist only on paper. Therefore, educational and financial empowerment of local communities is the bedrock of Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization -EWCO , providing much-needed skills and knowledge to these communities.

3. Anti-Poaching Initiatives & Support for Rangers .

Hands-on management contributes to the survival of both individual species and their endangered habitats. Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization  supports a number of anti-poaching entities and assists in further management initiatives, such as offering logistical support to rangers to rangers in ant-poaching patrols, Training Rangers on using SMART software to monitor illegal activities in the Parks and How to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflicts. We also work with known reformed poachers in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park  to engage them in meaningful alternative livelihood programs

4. Climate change mitigation Initiatives

The occurrence of landslides and floods in East Africa has increased over the past decades with enormous Public Health implications and massive alterations in the lives of those affected. In Uganda, the Elgon region is reported to have the highest occurrence of landslides and floods making this area vulnerable. Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization is working to initiate community projects aimed at mitigating landslide

1. Our Mission

To promote biodiversity conservation through community engagement, recognizing the importance of engaging people in protecting wildlife, while supporting sustainable development using a holistic and multi-disciplinary One Health approach both of which are critical for the conservation of wildlife

2. Our Objectives

  • To promote sustainable conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem health , and species genetic variation of protected areas in Uganda through community engagement ,research, agroforestry and advocacy
  • To promote economic empowerment and entrepreneurship skills for women, vulnerable children and youth at household level through self-help projects, apprenticeship trainings and enterprise development for indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda.
  • To promote sustainable conservation of natural resources for the well-being of humanity and sustainable development
  • To promote gender education necessary for advancing gender equity and equality in all its forms in indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda.
  • To provide support for research and ecological monitoring, education and information exchange related to local, national and global issues of biodiversity conservation and development.

3. Our Vision

Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization envisions a  world, where nature, wildlife and human beings co-exist peacefully

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Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park is a 4,321m high extinct volcano which a million years ago stood taller than Kilimanjaro does today. Although the mountain straddles the Uganda-Kenya border, its loftiest peak, Wagagai, lies within Uganda.

Mount Elgon is an important watershed, and its slopes support a rich variety of altitudinal vegetation zones ranging from montane forest to high open moorland studded with the other-worldly giant lobelia and groundsel plants.

More About Mont Elgon


No matter how big or small, our team is they are always trying to do something to spread the conservation message.

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Dr. James Watuwa is a founder of Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization -EWCO and serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is a wildlife veterinarian and Conservationist . He leads EWCO’s efforts to explore, document, and protect the Uganda’s most threatened species and habitats. Dr. James has a background in wildlife veterinary medicine and conservation ranging from working with the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where he lead one of the research teams in the 2018 mountain gorilla census , African Elephants and Rhinos. He holds a masters Certificate in Grant writing and designing Impact Based Conservation Projects from Tropical Biology Association Cambridge UK 2018) in addition to a Masters Degree in Wildlife Health Management and Conservation from Makerere University Uganda. Dr. James Watuwa is currently a WILDLIFE CONSERVATION NETWORK SCHOLAR 2019 with a research focused on assessing impact of Oil exploration activities on Behavior, Stress levels and Helminthe Burden in African Elephants. He is particularly focused on mammal conservation and priority setting for biodiversity conservation through community engagement .


Dr Akello Oliver Okello holds a Bachelors of medicine and Bachelors of Surgery MBChB from Makerere University .She is an active member of Girl Up Uganda, Makerere University chapter an organization that aims at empowering and protecting the rights of a girl child.She works with partners to develop projects aimed at extending health services to indigenous communities around protected areas in Uganda .


Mr. Buyeera Jude is a graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting Option offered by Makerere University Business School and a finalist student at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) completing his CPA (U) Course. As a student at Makerere University, he emerged as the best accounting student for the Academic Years 2012/2015 with CGPA 4.96/5:00 winning the ACCA best accounting student award from ACCA Uganda and best performing student award from his Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. He has undertaken accountings roles, worked as an external auditor at Grant Thornton Uganda-CPAs where he left at the position of Assistant Audit Senior to join his current employer Brac Uganda Limited (NGO) as a Senior Internal Auditor. In the execution of his duties, Jude has been able to add advisory value his employer and clients on budget management and cost control, effective financial reporting, internal control improvements, risk management and governance among others. He therefore brings on board vast knowledge in accounting, audit, investigations, advisory, risk and compliance management and general administration of operations. There is no doubt that he will steer this organization to greater heights.


True to our vision we believe that people are an important part of any ecosystem. Without healthy and economically secure communities around our protected areas, the areas remain under threat from grazing, hunting and such vices.  Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization -EWCO uses a unique approach of conservation through community development to achieve our vision. We work to improve the quality of life in surrounding communities by providing education, health services, safe water, vocational training and sustainable resource use skills in this impoverished and most densely populated regions around protected areas  in Uganda

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Research is highly implemented in the core of our day to day activites so as to advance on our skill sets to carry out our duties

Expert team

Our team is of highly qualified officials , including a section of veterinary doctors and a section for community sensitization

Community Sensitization

We Engage the Community in our activities so as they know the true value of animal conservation and protection from poachers

Award winning

Due to our excellent services towards nature and environment conservation , we have been awarded numerous awards as a token of apprecitions

Modern technology

We employ modern skills in animal conservation such as animal tracking via satellite and bio-metric scanners

Open Minded

Our professional team is open to new suggestions, idea and better ways to enhance in their activities to better well serve our goals and missions

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