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  The term herps refers to reptiles (snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles and crocodiles) and amphibians (caecilians, toads and frogs).Elgon Wildlife Conservation works with partners and  volunteers who have special interest in reptiles and amphibians to promote generation of   relevant  information on the conservation of the amphibian and reptilian diversity in Uganda.

At Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization, we are dedicated to the conservation of all reptiles and amphibian diversity in Uganda  Our mission is  to promote the conservation of the amphibian and reptiles  and their natural ecosystems and implement positive change in human attitudes towards the amphibian and reptilian diversity in Uganda

Specifically, the conservation group seeks to:

  •  Build the knowledge base of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Promote the conservation of rare, threatened and restricted range species of reptiles and amphibians programmes.
  • Generate  and provide information for monitoring and conservation of herps diversity and the habitats
  • Monitor the sites to show trends in herps diversity and abundance.
  • Carry out surveys to determine the diversity and status of herpes in Uganda.
  • Train members in the identification and survey techniques for herpes in Uganda.  



The amphibian and reptilian count in Uganda is a Citizen Science Program to map and track the amphibian and reptilian diversity distributions across Uganda’s protected areas. We use volunteer-based surveys of the more widespread species from across Uganda to determine the conservation status of all of our amphibians and reptiles.

It is a chance for everyday “citizens” to be directly involved in amphibian and reptilian conservation. Participants will learn how to find and identify amphibian and reptilians (Snakes) to help scientists identify conservation concerns for the amphibian and reptilians  .Everyone who participates in the amphibian and reptile (Snake ) Count does it for the joy of being outdoors and helping promote the conservation of our most unique amphibian and reptilian diversity in Uganda.


With our mission always in mind, we work tirelessly promoting community-based conservation by empowering   and providing land owners, homeowners and public servants tools to help with promote amphibian and reptile conservation in their communities. Thus creating   healthier ecosystems and increased awareness of the issues amphibians ,  reptiles  and other wildlife face in our rapidly developing world.


At Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization   we are dedicated to providing amphibian and reptile (snake) presentations, radio talks   and other educational programs to the public and schools in communities where we work. These programs are the hallmark our initiative to change human perceptions about   reptiles (snakes) and amphibians.

 Our work helps dispel myths and provided up-close and personal experiences for people with live snakes. We also take people on virtual field trips to find wild snakes or share our captive, educational snakes.


Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization   seeks out opportunities to leverage its conservation impact by identifying and protecting landscapes of high ecological integrity with high snake and frog species diversity.

In partnership with Uganda Wildlife and Conservation Education  Centre, Nature Uganda and other conservation organizations , we are seeking funds  to establish a facility to expand our capacity to breed endangered amphibians and reptiles  in Uganda


In view of the conditions of many natural areas in our world today it is obvious that an active approach to in situ conservation is needed.  Most natural areas have been greatly influenced directly or indirectly by humans for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years. Much of this historical human influence has resulted in damaging many of our more sensitive habitats.

Within both of the reserves the EWCO is actively conducting in situ conservation projects to increase the diversity and abundance of the flora and fauna native to Uganda.


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